When the Scattered Dead Organs are revived in One Body

By: Dr. Ahmed Al Haj Ali

At this point of time, the methodology of the aggressor forces on Syria is reflected in the terrorist forces’ vigorous pursuit to show that they still enjoy a great deal of influence and effective military performance in the field. This is a new and renewed trend in terms of having its origins and roots in the Western Zionist strategies historically.

However, the current pragmatic choice to implement the aggression against Syria is represented in two features. The first of which is the restructuring and revivingof theterrorist groups in a way that organically integrates the colonial powers, such as America, France, Britain, Turkey with their alliedcountries such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, the UAE and Jordan. That is all in order for the terrorist organizations to regain their power and feel some kind of safety under the protection of the US army, the Zionist Entity and the Turkish occupation.

As has traditionally been the case, we have never seenat any stage in the aggression on Syria that the relationship between thecolonial powers and their sponsored terrorist organizations, which spread as an epidemic in the Syrian geography, has been destroyed ordeteriorated.

In fact, it has been confirmed at this stage that terrorism is about to be totally defeated and what has been achieved in the Syrian national performance is an important leverage for the terrorists and their supportersafter they have fallen. The Syrian homeland gained experienceafter all transformations that had taken place in the region and mastered the art of dealing with the military reality with all its difficult terrain and great sacrifice.

Moreover, the Syrian homeland knows exactly the basis of vital combination between the military and political tracks. There is a famous rule that organizes this dimension and assures that Syria is fighting with honor and is searching foran honorable solution and peace.

This is the reason behind the real value of the Syrian national performance, with the development of incidents and the liberalization battles both in the field and for the human.The significant achievement in the Syrian performance was supported by the unity of willingness and management. Nationally worthwhile action is manifestedin this unity. Whereas the will is aleading inexhaustible source, the management is the realistic and organized employment with touches of creativity and self-supremacy in both political and military action.

In addition, the second feature that forms a bold heading to theanti-Syrian tactics with all their components and pillars is represented by expelling the terrorist organizations to the place where theinvasive and foreignoccupation exists.

We can see now that the terrorists are based inthe America’s bases in the east and extending to the south and the north, along with the Erdogan’s project in the north, the Zionist Entity in the South of Syria and the Jordanian regime which is the wide-open gate for Saudi Arabia intothe region;this allows to support the terrorists materially and morally and meet the Zionist policy where the process of integration and interaction between them has been carried out.

However, there is another branch in this feature that is based on the need to collect the divided and scattered terrorists and reformulate them in an internal unit and then integratethem all into the criminal organizations ofAl-Nusra Front or ISIS. In short, this stage is characterized by emphasizing the unity of the colonial powers and terrorism abroad and the unity of the terrorist organizations.

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