The game is not over, yet

Commenting on the latest  report issued by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) under the title: “Syria, 7 years at war” not 7 years of war, meaning that this UN organization explicitly acknowledges for the first time that the war on Syria is NOT a civil war,  the esteemed journalist and writer

Thierry Meyssan  states the names of some transnational corporations that have contributed to the finding of this imperialist war on Syria to destroy its economy, as per  Admiral Arthur Cebrowski’s plan to destroy  the states and the societies of the Greater Middle East in order to get the natural resources of the region under the protection of Western Armies.

As an example, he cites Henry Kravis’ Investment Fund KKR, which currently employs General David Petraeus. This Fund has used to funnel arms and money to the terrorist organizations of al-Qaeda and ISIS (DAESH).

The Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota has furnished Daesh (ISIS) with all of their new  vehicles.   Caterpillar, the manufacturer of construction machines, has meanwhile  sold to the jihadists the tunnel-building machinery necessary for the construction of their underground networks . And the Franco-Swiss cement producer Lafarge-Holcim has produced 6 million tonnes of cement for the construction of their bunkers, besides some other services.

If the Syrian Arab Republic can gather enough proof evidencing  the role of these corporations during the war, it will be legally entitled to demand seizure before the tribunals of the country accommodating their headquarters, the author said.

The United States, which had been planning the war against Syria since 2004, does not want to part with a penny. According to the Trump administration, this war was created by the Bush Jr. administration and led by the Obama administration. However, these two administrations were not serving the interests of the US people, but those of a transnational financial class. Not only did they destroy Syria, but also the US economy. Thus it is not for Washington to pay, but these people and the transnational corporations directly implicated in the war, the author said.

Making the multinationals pay does not exclude obtaining damages from certain states like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar or Turkey, which financed, or some of their  citizens publicly financed the jihadists.

It is therefore possible, even without managing to make the states pay, to collect the 388 billion dollars mentioned by the ESCWA.

Atthe end of all wars which called for the payment of damages, national companies were seized. The novelty this time will be drawing the conclusions of economic globalization and seizing the transnationals, the author concluded.


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