Three opened fronts on Arabs in the days of Ibn Taymiyyah

Written by: Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi

The populist movement in the history of the Arab state was hostile to the Arabs and abused them. After the advent of Islam , Arabs launched at the hands of the Arab prophet at an astonishing speed.

They defeated the Persian and Byzantine states and ruled every place they entered according to Islam and Arab values which are based on kindness and nobility.

In contrast, a populist movement that is offensive to Arabs had appeared, Al-Jahiz described this movement saying that it’s enough for us that they have envied us forever and that the fire of grudge have burnt their hearts.

The populists hated the Arabs too much that the fire of hatred has burnt their hearts, and that in its turn pushed them to sabotage both: religion and Arabism .

first they sabotaged religion by entering the fields of Islamic jurisprudence and Hadeeth, creating by that almost radical differences among the members of same religion.

Enemies of Arabism realized the role of populism and its ability to tear the Arabs apart after they tore Islam from the inside as they were very active in stirring up and deepening differences.

Ibn Taymiyyah was one of those populists who hated the Arabs, although his followers tried to attach him to the sons of Namir and of course he wasn’t.

He was a Kurd who hated the Arabs, as Dr. Muhammad Abu Zahra proved. He , and his disciple Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah were very close to the Yezidi Kurds.

Although the Islamic reality has prevented Ibn Taymiyyah from attacking the Arab prophet, that didn’t prevent him from spreading  his populist poison and  hatred toward Imam Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the dean of all Arabs and Muslims after the death of the Prophet, to the extent that caught the attention of the Salafist Sheikh in the modern Albanian era as he said: “how weird is Ibn Taymiyyah! He runs after the correct and proved Hadeeth about Imam Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) and makes it weak, then goes after the weak Hadeeth and tries to make it proved and correct!” .

Ibn Taymiyyah, accompanied by “Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya” ,has  led a populist gathering in his life, represented by the Mamluk princes and sultans. He worked on disdaining the Arabs and getting of them.

He even prohibited visiting the tomb of  the Prophet and accused whoever do this with not having a true faith .

Despite many talked about Ibn Taymiyyah in the past and recent times, but none shed a light on his populism in an era when the Tatars and Mongols met the Arabs from the east, The Franks came from the West he emerged from within after reaching thirty years of age waging wars on the Arabs of the Syrian coast and of Keserwan Lebanon,killing by his hands and accusing all Arabs of being fake believers of God, those attacks and accusations especially reached Arab senior Muslim scholars, intellectuals and philosophers out of his populism hatred.


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