Daily Archives: Saturday September 15th, 2018

Damascus steadfastness foiled al-Qaeda’s 20-year plan

In the year 2000, the so-called “Abu Musa’ab the Syrian” declared 6 principles for a 20-year plan  to occupy the region. The plan was supposed to kick start in 2000 and come to fruition in 2020. But who is “Abu Musa’b”? And who supports  him? Abu Musa’b is the nick name of Mustapha Abdul Qader al-Rifai. He is also known ...

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Goodbye to Aging…A Medical Discovery “Approaching” The Dream of Mankind

Recently, researchers have remarkably managed to control the cells responsible for the deterioration of the body when it gets older, in the hope that this scientific discovery would help preventing aging in the future and prolonging youth as much as possible. According to the British University of Exter, tests conducted on animals showed that reviving the old cells accumulated in ...

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