Damascus steadfastness foiled al-Qaeda’s 20-year plan

In the year 2000, the so-called “Abu Musa’ab the Syrian” declared 6 principles for a 20-year plan  to occupy the region. The plan was supposed to kick start in 2000 and come to fruition in 2020. But who is “Abu Musa’b”? And who supports  him?

Abu Musa’b is the nick name of Mustapha Abdul Qader al-Rifai. He is also known with another name, Mustapha al-Sit Mariam. He hails from the Syrian city of Aleppo and was of the first to  join the fighting against the Syrian State as a member of the Armed Wing of the Muslim Brotherhoods (commonly known as the combatant Avant-garde).

After the deadly strike dealt to  the Muslim Brotherhoods in the 1980s of last century, he headed to Afghanistan and from Afghanistan he went to Britain, where he founded the armed Islamic  group and the media cell of Algeria’s militants. While in London, he maintained close links with the British BBC station and the American CNN. He is said to have helped them  meet the then Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden.

Curiously enough, he has been moving freely and easily to and fro Afghanistan and Britain without any obstacles or difficulties. Moreover, he has maintained excellent relations and connections with the media. No wonder, as almost all of these mainstream media outlets go in full harmony with the British and US intelligence. This means that Abu Musa’ab, himself, was a member of the same chorus and that his so-called plan was not his at all, but was rather charted for him to implement.

Anyway, the plan comprises of five phases:

  • The first phase was called the “the Awakening”. It spans the period from 2000 to 2003 and aims at dealing a blow to the United States, specifically in New York, to allegedly got it out of mind. If we look closely to this phase, we would easily notice that it renders a service to Washington, as it presents it with an alibi to invade the region and to legalize its occupation of a certain geography that would be used later on as a launch-pad to threaten all other countries of the region.

  • The second phase was called “Eye-opening” and perpetuating of engagement with the enemy at a scene of own choosing. Here, I would like to note that the plan has specifically identified Iraq as the would be scene of activities and as the later destination to be emigrated to. The period of time set for this phase spans the years from 2003 to 2006.

  • The third phase called“Standing up on ones feet”, starts from the year 2006 and takes four years up to 2010 for completion. This phase of the plan dictates emigration from Iraq to Syria, in particular, in order to establish their largest and most major base that would be used as  a launch-pad for their future activities elsewhere.

  • The fourth phase with the title of “Restoring Well-being” was deemed as the mostserious of all because it entails a most paramount threat. Starting from the year 2010 and coming to fruition in 2013, it was supposed to take over authority in Syria through direct (military) engagement with the Syrian State in an attempt to strip the Syrian state from its legality and/or popular support. It relies heavily on the recruitment and indoctrination of the radical extremist religious trend to severely undermine the potentials and the capabilities of the Syrian state and drain it up to the extent that it can no longer stand on its feet or mount any confrontation, so it would easily collapse. Once these objectives are met, they would head from Syria to Lebanon. In other words, they were targeting the belt of resistance against the Israeli occupation.

  • The fifth phase was meant to “Declare the State”. It spans the years from 2013 to 2016 with the aim of installing Salafist ruling regimes in Syria, Egypt and other Arab countries. The targeted countries for such a scenario have been mentioned by name. But Lebanon was considered as a part of Syria. The scheme was meant to drive Christians out of Lebanon.

If we look closely into this plan and its phases of implementation, we would easily noticed that activities on the ground have been an accurate emulation of this scheme. They have been proceeding along this set plan up until the fourth phase. At this point, the Syrian State stood its grounds and vigorously resisted  this sinister plan. The legendary steadfastness of Syria has been stunning and amazing.

This plan exposes a lot of the hidden designs and machinations, from the September 11 attacks up to the occupation of Iraq in 2003, when  terrorist activities began to plague this country. It goes on to show how the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS/Daesh)  was established by Abu Baker al-Baghdadi and  how did they try to embed sleeping cells in Syria, especially in the countryside and the rural areas of various provinces.

After all of this, is there any one who still thinks that the  events in Syria have erupted because of the alleged, though never found, nails of Deraa children?

The source: Translation into English of a piece published by alalam.ir



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