Most wanted jobs in the future

For those who are going to study at the university or are trying to complete their post-graduate studies (Masters and PhD) or want to train for work, or plan carefully, here are the 10 most-needed jobs will be required from now on:

  • Data Analyst Specialist: Highly required especially with the popularity of “cloud” technology, the data management and analysis specialist provides the technical expertise needed to extract data from applications and information systems, then analyze it, process it, validate it, model it and convert it into information to support decision-making, in addition to developing solutions that facilitate access to relevant data.

  • Cyber Security: The security obsession is getting bigger over the world, and the security bills are rising, and the current war is a combination of information and electronic warfare.

  • Internationalization: the concept of creating an international character for your specialization, because States are constantly in contact, laws and regulations and internal and external policies are always subject to development and renewal, and many things overlap with each other. Besides, many programs take place on the ground, such as joint cooperation programs and strategic cooperation programs in many countries, especially those in the same region.

  • Programming: it is expected that the business world will highly need this job in the future , as the owner of this job will be responsible for assessing the practical and personal needs of the digital world, and identify the ideal set of programs and applications for companies and owners.

  • 3D Printing: This area is expanding and developing tremendously, and the specialist in materials used in 3D printing will be as important as the existing printer specialist, who will maintain and solve any problem.

  • Alternative and Renewable Energy: The wind and the sun will always be there .. Perhaps the future is for alternative energy, which will push many to form companies to convert the power of homes from electric power to solar energy.

  • Financial Planner: Few of us like mathematics, so every company in the world seeks a financial employee or a third party to manage its finances. This person will help through his expertise to build financial plans to provide future needs of individuals and businesses.

  • Personal Counselor: This new job appears with the increasing pressures and mental disorders that many people suffer, especially in modern times with all its complexities, that it has become necessary to have someone who is always ready to help.

  • E-learning: The classroom will be put to rest, so schools, universities and universities must work intensively to employ e-learning. Teachers and professors of the future will be forced to deal with modern technologies to be able to deliver lectures and lessons that began moving from the real world to the virtual world.

  • E-marketing: This specialization is becoming increasingly complex and competition is increasing in a terrible way. It has been a science in itself and a need that a big budgets are dedicated to. Companies in the next few years will need experts to build and implement marketing strategies.

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