Four piasters a day

A king once went out for a walk, while walking he saw a peasant plowing the soil happily  and actively while singing. The king asked him:

O good man, I see you are pleased with your work in this land, is it yours? The peasant answered: “no sir, I get paid to work here”.

Then the king asked him how much does he get and the answer came that he gets four piasters, the king couldn’t help but asking if that small amount is enough for the peasant to live on , thus the peasant explained: “yes sir, it is more than enough, these four piasters are divided like this: I spend one on livelihood , one to pay back a debt, one I lend to others , and one for charity.”

The King said: This is a mystery that I do not understand. The peasant said:” I will explain to you, sir, the piaster that I spend on my livelihood is the one that me and my wife live from it.

The piaster that I pay back my debt with is a penny that I spend on my father and mother who raised me when I was child  and spent money on me when I needed them, now I pay them back as they are too old to work .

As for the piaster that I lend to others, it is a penny that I spend on my children as I raise them up and fed them, so that they pay back the favor when I am too old to work.

And the piaster that I spend for Allah is a penny that I spend on my two sick sisters”.

The king cried and said to him “Well done man, you really deserve to be happy” then left him a reward of money and went on his way amazed by his wisdom.




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