The axis of resistance have the strategic weapon that “Israel” doesn’t have!?

Since 12 years the leaders of the enemy have been threatening to avenge their defeat in July 2006, to destroy resistance presence in Syria, and to invade Gaza, yet they did not implement any of these threats, and will never be able to in the foreseeable future, according to writer Abdul Bari Atwan, due to the deterrent force imposed by the counterpart’s strong weaponry, and the enormity of the human and material losses that may ensue from such folly.

Regardless of the quality and quantity of weapons that the resistance possesses, it has a strategic weapon; the most powerful and effective weapon in the axis of resistance that the Israeli enemy does not possess a bit of it , this weapon is the strong will , the faith in victory,  and fighting until martyrdom; and all of that is out of the pure love of homeland, and this is why Israel hasn’t won any of its wars since 1973 until this moment, because mobilization and its methods and basis have differed radically, and because the strategy of going to war has changed, and because the Israeli and American theory of “shock and horror” -which was effective in the past-  has fell and no longer has any effect and is replaced by the strategy of “bombing in exchange for shelling” and “fire for fire.”

The writer concludes: Therefore it is impossible for Lieberman to dare to implement his threats to occupy the Gaza Strip or southern Lebanon or to eliminate the resistance presence in Syria because the axis of resistance is now stronger and tougher than his army , and the evidence is the victory in Syria and before it in the Gaza Strip , and before that in South Lebanon in 2006 .



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