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Ibn Taymiyyahandthe StinkyNetanyahu

Among the Isra’iliyyat “Israelites”that have been slipped intoHadiths of the Prophet Mohammed, there is one in which they claimed: “The land blessed by God is the land of my brother Abraham from El Arish in Egypt to the Euphrates”. Is not this what Israel has made as itsslogan? Indeed, this is what made the Salafis who follow the teachings of ...

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De Mistura continues to propagate false testimonies

The UN envoy to SyriaStaffan de Misturais not so different from any of his predecessors in terms of dedicating their efforts to look smart  in pressuring the Syrian state in order to push the US-designed western agenda under the false pretenses of “humanitarianism”. These envoys work under the guise of the United Nations, as if this Organization were a truly ...

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Norwegian scientist: The collapse of the United States is a matter of time

Famous Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung – founder of the Oslo Peace Research Institute – predicted the collapse of the United States and its fall from the throne of the world as the most powerful economic state in its current capitalist system. The Norwegian sociologist has made numerous accurate predictions of major world events, most notably the collapse of the Soviet ...

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