Norwegian scientist: The collapse of the United States is a matter of time

Famous Norwegian sociologist Johan Galtung – founder of the Oslo Peace Research Institute – predicted the collapse of the United States and its fall from the throne of the world as the most powerful economic state in its current capitalist system.

The Norwegian sociologist has made numerous accurate predictions of major world events, most notably the collapse of the Soviet Empire and its fragmentation into a group of independent states. Johan Galtung confirmed that the collapse of the United States is only a matter of time because of Donald Trump’s assumption of the presidency in the United States.

According to Galtung, the presence of Trump would be the main factor in the collapse of America, according to Motherboard newspaper, adding that he would prefer to see what Trump’s actual policies are before voicing a clear verdict.

The Norwegian professor identified the year 2020 as the date for the beginning of this collapse, stressing that the fall of America will be during Trump’s presidency .

The icon of speculation is also known for his anticipation of many previous events, most of which were achieved, such as the Iranian revolution of 1978 and the events of September 11, 2001.

In his analysis, Galtung said that America will find itself alone in next wars in the name of NATO, where the rest of the countries will withdraw, leaving the United States alone in front of its enemies, in addition to Trump adopting the Fascist rhetoric that would create many enmities such as enmity with immigrants.

  • Source: “mini-facts”



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