De Mistura continues to propagate false testimonies

The UN envoy to SyriaStaffan de Misturais not so different from any of his predecessors in terms of dedicating their efforts to look smart  in pressuring the Syrian state in order to push the US-designed western agenda under the false pretenses of “humanitarianism”.

These envoys work under the guise of the United Nations, as if this Organization were a truly humanitarian one with no obsession other than weeping and shedding tears in lament of the deteriorated international peace and security.

The UN, in fact, has become a playground for international interests, especially Western interests. It is deeply infiltrated by Washington and its allies since the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991.

Throughout his mandate, De Mistura’s immediate predecessor LakhdarBrahemi has been adamantly promoting the so-called “Syrian Taif” (a settlement to the Syrian conflict on the model of the Taif conference that ended the Lebanese civil war). He used to suggest an Iraq-like or a Lebanon-like solution as the ‘only way’ to end the  fascist Western aggression on Syria.

However, he exited the stage without being able to enforce the dictated  agenda he was supposed to push through. The late Kofi Annan might have been the most transparent about his real mission in Syria. Upon resignation, he publicly admitted that his efforts were obstructed by certain major powers and countries that do not want peace and stability to prevail in Syria.

Now and as the battlefield  changedcompletely, de Mistura’s rhetoric changed accordingly. However, he retained his aptitude  to spew insinuations and to occasionally come up with  suspicious statements to tune with the international chorus of pressure. Members of this corpus coordinate with one another at the advent of each and every Syrian advance against terrorists.  It is the same  dirty terrorism created and supported by the same forces trying to  portray themselves as “careful” for Syrian civilians in Idleb and as “shedding tears” for their sake.

De Mistura is dangerous because he wears a blue beret (i.e. serves under the guise of the United Nations) only to proclaim for himself an out of mandate role. He repeatedly expresses  concern for the terrorists under the claim of being concerned over civilians.

Let us remember that he has once suggested to personally travel to East Aleppo to accompany al-Nusra terror militants and other terror groups combatants only to prevent the Syrian Arab Army from doing its job of eliminating terrorism there.

Now, Mr. De Mistura is back to recite the very same elegies in lamentation of the Nusra and other terrorists. He disguises such a passion for these terrorists with a pseudo-humanitarian mask. He claims that  there are around 3 million civilians, one million of whom are children, still living in Idleb. Consequently, he maintains that these civilians should not be subject to any harm because of the thousands of terrorists present in their localities.

If true, why has not Mr. de Mistura shown any concern for the  millions of civilians, including children, living in Damascus and Aleppo when their lives had been threatened by the terrorists? And why have not we seen his chivalry and humanitarianism when the terrorists of East Aleppo and Eastern Ghouta  were killing thousands pf civilians with their  hate-driven mortars that tells about their bigot Muslim Brotherhoods and Wahabi doctrines.

It is really odd to see a UN envoy, whose mission is supposed to be facilitating Syrian-Syrian talks, but opts instead to be an interventionist trying to interfere in the internal affairs of Syria or stands as an apologist for the terrorists,  who have been subject to dozens of UN Security Council resolutions that demanded them to be eliminated and called for their supporters and financiers to be held accountable.

We do not know where from has Mr. de Mistura got his statistics about the Idleb population? Who told him that there are some 3 million people, one million of whom are children?  Some other international bodies have bloated  the number to  4 millions!!! If we are to believe these  bloated figures, we might think that the entire Syrian population has moved to Idleb. There seem to be some specific sides deliberately bloating these figure as a scare-mongering tactic to prevent the elimination of the murdering terrorists there.

Moreover, why would not Mr. de Mistura recognize Syria’s right to purge its territories from terrorism? The legitimate Syrian state has every right to launch its military operation against some 10 thousand terrorists  taking these “3 million” Syrians hostage.

He has once admitted this right by stating that the Syrian state has the right to fight terrorists. But he soon afterwards withdrew this statement, apparently because someone has asked him to do so.

Anyway, Mr. de Mistrua should better remember that thousands of French troops and policemen were deployed to the French capital and other French cities to hunt down just 3 terrorists who have posed a threat to the lives to civilians.

The Western countries, to whose school of thought and to whose culture Mr. de Mistura belongs, would not tolerate one single terrorist or two, so what about tens of thousands hailing from around the globe and carrying such a diverse nationalities that has nothing to do with Syria, its people or its  political future? These are mere criminal murderers brought from all over the world to destroy Syria and kill her people.

After  seven years of this fascist war on Syria and her people, it is a shame to see an international personality representing the UN Secretary General as an envoy mandated to solve a complicated issue as the Syrian question, yet tries to defend the terrorists under the pretext of saving Syrian civilians. De Mistura and others know very well that the Syrian state is the one who cares most for the Syrian civilians, because they are our sons, daughters,  brothers and sisters. They are not relatives of de Mistura and his Western Chorus, who proved themselves to be killers and enemies of humanity.

For their own interests, they have destroyed  whole nations, countries and societies. They have turned whole people into refugees. All of this under the guise of “democracy, freedom and human rights”.

We also advise Mr. de Mistura to remember Raqqa. The Syrian city of Raqqa was totally destroyed and reduced to rubble by the United States, under the pretext of  fighting ISIS (Daesh). This same United States now tries to “cry” for the Syrian civilians in Idleb, just as it did for the civilians of Eastern Ghouta, Deraa, Aleppo and other Syrian towns and cities.

Let us remember that it is the United States who armed, backed and supported terrorism in Syria. This is a known fact that can not be contested. Had not President Trump himself said it during his election campaign? Back then, he explicitly said that Clinton and Obama have been behind the creation of the terror group DAESH (ISIS).

Mr. de. Mistura: the game is over. No one can any longer prevent us from proceeding forward to cleanse our own territories – Yes our own land NOT  yours – from the filth of terrorism backed by the NATO Western powers, the Wahabist Gulf states and the Muslim Brotherhoods. We are the ones who paid the heaviest price. We paid with the blood of our sons and daughters. Our valiant Syrian Arab Army has offered untold sacrifices.

We have some true allies who realized that what is going on in Syria has nothing to do with the alleged “freedoms or democracy”. They knew that this is  a fascist war similar to the Nazi war of Hitler that killed  millions and destroyed whole towns and countries. This Neo-Nazism is now hiding behind some “glittering slogans” and takes shelter under the cloak of humanism and freedom.

Unfortunately, these very western countries  now rebounding the false rhetoric of “freedom and democracy” would see themselves paying the price for the worst idiocy they have ever committed since the end of the second world war.

I do advise you, Mr. de Mistura, as someone mandated to serve as a facilitator and mediator for Syrian-Syrian talks, to keep silent when necessary. You should not say words that apparently sound good and right while in reality they are ill-intended.

Your rhetoric is shameful. It is being said at a time when the game is coming to its close as it has been totally debunked and disclosed. You better know that Syria is heading to a historic victory that will gown down the books of history. Many people will write about it. But as for the defeatists, their acts and their rhetoric would be dumped in the dustbin of history.

By Dr. Bassam Abu Abdullah

Translated into English by Syrianfacts. Originally written on Thursday, September 6, 2018


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