Idlib: the actual end of ” Timber Sycamore”

Written by: Nasser kandil

The term ” Timber Sycamore “is no stranger to commentators, analysts and observers in America and the West.

This code is given by the US intelligence in 2012 to the process aimed at the broadest US plan to mobilize personnel, weapons, intelligence and special operations since the war in Afghanistan.

The goal this time is to topple Syria and its president and destroy its army, turning it into a theater similar to the one that preceded it in Afghanistan, and as al-Qaeda- with its branches and products- was the tool and  the partner in mobilization, financing ,administration and operation , this time the tool was Saudi Arabia.

Here we are still reviewing the official US information, which is easily accessible from the State Department and Department of Defense websites, and from reports by Mike Pompeo – US intelligence chief- in 2017 in front of Congress and its committees in the context of announcing the liquidation of the project, which according to official reports has coasted a Billion dollars, and that it caused the occurrence of qualitative weapons in the hands of al-Qaeda.

What we have to pay attention to here is that what Washington says about the program is somehow part of the truth, but what it says about the reasons for declaring the termination of it is completely the opposite of the truth.

In the publication of the program, it was said that this program is about financing, arming and training of militias, and that is a big lie and a reduction of the project with some of its clauses.

The project includes the establishment of an operations room called “MOC”, an abbreviation for special operations carried out by the American Special Forces and the CIA.

It has become clear that the real objective is to topple the Syrian state, its president and its army.

It is also known that arming militias is a lie, such as the lie of discovering that weapons suddenly reached Al-Nusra front, such as the lie that the war on ISIS caused the cessation of the program, so is arming, financing and recruiting al-Qaeda was the origin of the program as designed by General “David Petraeus” the original founder of Al-Nusra fron as the Syrian-Iraqi branch of al-Qaeda. Creating ISIS was the second episode of the program.

Beside, plenty of facts are there to prove Washington’s administration of ISIS, and on the opposite side managing the programmed planed war against it to serve placing it in Syria using the pretext of war and the pretext of preventing the establishment of a serious war to end the existence of the same organization that Washington sponsored its birth , as President Donald Trump said when he was a candidate.

One of the lies that must be noticed in the official American version is that the budget of the project is only one billion dollars.

While the published facts about the establishment of al-Qaeda under the auspices of Zbigniew Brzezinski say that a similar billion dollars were spent by Washington in 1980, and in front of it, about $ 100 billion was spent by Saudi Arabia on al-Qaeda to overthrow the ally of Soviet Russia at the time in preparation for the overthrow of the Soviet Union. Now, they are trying to do the same but this time with Russia and Iran starting from Syria, but it is failing.

It is also a lie to talk about the termination of the program and its base stone the «MOC» which was not closed by announcing the official liquidation of the program, it only went under changing tasks and not ending them. It is expected that change aims to replace the task of dropping Syria ,its president and army by preventing the victory of Syria , its president and army, also blocking this victory to impose Washington as a mandatory partner in any future settlement in Syria.

The threats, as well as the presidential and ministerial statements, as well as the understandings and disagreements, with the existence of this program adopted by the intelligence services are all subject to the requirements of this program, Timber Sycamore in his last secret battle in Idlib, where the American officers who took over the leadership in the past years, and where the defeat alone will end the program and cause the lose of hundreds Billions of dollars that US Vice President Joe Biden once spoke about in front of Harvard University.

Timber Sycamore , the name that inspired Petraeus to call the program after, was the wood that used by the Pharaohs in the manufacture of the caskets of great men, and it is clear that the intention was to refer to the goal of the program to create a casket for Syria and its state and status, and perhaps Iran and Russia with them. But history goes into a cycle, and here in Idlib today, the maker of the casket is getting ready to try his own product.

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