Ibn Taymiyyah and the Sykes-Picot agreement(1)

This title may push you to ask about  the connection between the Treaty of Sykes Picot and Ibn Taymiyyah ?!

Sykes Picot was a secret 1916 agreement between the United Kingdom and France, to which the Russian Empire assented, to divide the Fertile Crescent between Britain and France after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, which controlled the region during World War I.

Sykes Picot was announced to public after the Communist revolution in Russia, the reactions of the Arabs to this agreement appeared in the Hussein -McMahon correspondence, but anyway the agreement was implemented and the Fertile Crescent was divided.

The Council of the League of Nations approved the Mandate documents in 1922 to appease Turkey, and to complete the plan to divide and weaken Syria. Now it has been more than a hundred years since this agreement, and the division is still going on.

The new conspiracies against Syria since 2011, which was carried out by the traitors who follow Ibn Taymiyyah school, are meant to implement a new division according to sectarian affiliations that Ibn Taymiyyah had identified. In the past , when Ibn Taymiyyah divided Muslims according to sectarian affiliations, he has moved on the ground and attacked many killing many members of the Islamic sects even the Sunni sect that he was supposed to belong to, till a group of Sunni, Shiite, Alawite,

Unitarian(Tawhidi) , and Kurdish countries have formed, which prompted Israel to take a decision of considering itself  a Jewish state, as happened last month.

The question that should be asked: What are the damages that have affected the Arab world in general and the Levant in particular?

There is no doubt that the agreement destroyed the Arab unity and made the Levant divided geographically, economically and intellectually as the colonizer  wanted it to be, besides it focused on sectarianism and establish it as a weak point  that can be provoked to turn into a bloody war among the religious communities in it whenever the colonizer wants that to happen, it also made the Sunni sect a tool in its hand to strike the rest of the Islamic sects, and that was not to be achieved  unless it stirs the intellectual product of Ibn Taymiyyah, thus it built under the plain sun many intellectual universities specialized in his “philosophy”  in Saudi Arabia, such as Mohammed Ibn Saud Islamic University in Riyadh and its branches in the whole Kingdom, and the Islamic University in Medina  and its many institutes inside the Kingdom and abroad.

The students that these universities attract are from the Arab countries in general and from the Levant in particular, they come to study special studies of “Ibn Taymiyyah philosophy” that is  based on the division of Muslims to many sects , planting in their minds all what Ibn Taymiyah left from dividing the Arabs in general and the Fertile Crescent in particular , the task was easy as the Arab countries now are living in conditions that are very similar to the conditions in the days of Ibn Taymiyyah.

Today , the suffering from modern French, British and American colonization, the spoiled  child of the colonized countries Israel and its ugly act of usurping of Palestine,  and all the long and short wars and skirmishes between these colonized countries and the native inhabitants from Arabs or other minorities is very similar to what the Arabs have suffered in the past from the  Tatars, the Mongols and the Franks.

If the Sykes-Picot agreement divided the Arab region in the Fertile Crescent, then the intellectual product of Ibn Taymiyyah has divided Islam and Muslims into the Islam which he preserves to be the surviving( Najia )sect from his point of view that he built according to the known Hadith about the surviving group, and making by that all other “infidels” that must be killed and eliminated.

As is the case with the Fertile Crescent so far divided  and weak , Ibn Taymiyyah’s ideas are so far still dividing Islam and Muslims through their weakness points and still calling for the killing of anyone who disagrees with Ibn Taymiyyah, who is still alive through his idea adopted by these universities and the ground that it has prepared for the emergence of religious political parties known as Salafi or Muslims Brotherhood  and many others like them.

Just like the agreement of Sykes-Picot has divided the Levant and created enmity between its sections and made it very weak in everything, so did Ibn Taymiyah’s ideas that divided the Muslims and stirred up strife and enmity among them based on his statements that wheezed behind the talk of the surviving group to kill and weaken Muslims and ignited the fire of hatred and hostility among them , and all that is based on ideas built on one weak Hadith..

To be continued….

Written by: Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi



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