Russian scientists innovated an effective way to measureOzone!

Russian scientists at Voronezh State University have created a new device to detect ozone gas and its concentration rate in the air.

Ozone gas at the higher levels of the stratosphere “filters” the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun and prevents them from reaching the living organisms on earth.

As for ozone gas itself, it’s considered one of the toxic gases and it has the same effect of the phosgene gas (9 times more harmful than chlorine gas).

Inhaling ozone gas causes the exhaustion of the human body, early-aging, and malignant tumors. Scientist Alexander Samuelov said:”unlike toxic gases such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia, ozone – is hard to be detected in the air, and the most difficult is to determine its concentrationwithout special devices.

Thus, scientists all around the world are searching for methods and materials that can be used to accurately detect the concentration rates of ozone in the air”.

For this reason, scientists at Voronezh State University have used the Nanostructureof palladium oxide in the gas sensors and it proved to be very effective and promising in their research to detect ozone and nitrogen dioxideand to calculate their ratios in the air.

According to researcher Stanislav Riabytsov, the method of obtaining the used nanostructures is easy, and it emulates with its outcome the challengingtraditional industrial methods.

  • Source: Novosti



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