From Syria to the Syrians

By: Dr. Khalid al-Matrood

My dear sons..the Syrians! They used to describe you as Syrians because you belong to a country called Syria and today they call me Syria because of you because you proved that you are the sons of Syria.

You have defended my dignity, which is your dignity, and you have done much for my honor and sacrificed the most precious of what you have, which is your precious blood in order to keep Syria dignified…

My loved sons! Each time has its men and you are the men of this time…you stood up and defended your home when your cousins abandoned you and even some of them conspired against you and stabbed you in the back while you once supported their backs…

you stood in the face of the most furious war in the face of a new colonialism that has garnished  its goals with bright slogans so that others would fight for it, so that the son would stab his family; thus the stab was in my back and yours ..

oh how sad was I when I  saw my sons walking in the wrong path behind the evil others in a way that carries all the humiliation of the world for them and me..

I begged  them a lot but no one heard me…isn’t it about time for my children who have gone astray to come back and realize that they are stabbing me in everywhere instead of being righteous children, as I have raised them, now they are not ashamed to say out loud that they are the most disobeying children of the world!

However, even if the mother spoke badly on her son’s; she doesn’t like when other people do so! Because when a mother talks about her son she talks to correct his behavior not to shame him.

I invite you my dear sons to think for awhile and to compare between yesterday, today and tomorrow if you continue like this.

Syria’s enemies do not want any good for Syria and they always sew sedition and conspiracies to undermine it, history will record everything; it won’t forgive the Syrian sons who meet with them and ask  for their back-up and support , as those are shaming themselves and their families ..

each person has his own book of deeds..when the reckoning  day comes each one will come carrying his own book..and that will be an enough witness on him..

My loved ones you have no choice but to return to my warm embrace, the bosom of all the Syrians, you must all know that he who ask support of the foreigner will only get humiliation and shame all his life, I pray to God for you to come back to that right path and I call you to come to your senses after you’ve been out riding fences for so long as you ran out of excuses …

This is my call to you , he who ride my ship will survive and he who fall behind will drown ..

I have long waited for you, my hopes in you are high because I miss you my loved ones …

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