Daily Archives: Tuesday September 25th, 2018

Ibn Taymiyyah and the Sykes-Picot agreement(2)

Written by: Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi The Arabs in general and the Syrians in particular are still deeply affected by the damage that this agreement has done to the Arabs and the Syrians. The Levant has been weakened by this division and has become helpless against its enemies and oh how many are they! The enemies had become able to open ...

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What Goes Around Comes Around!

Once there was a woman whoused to make bread for her family every day.She used to make an extra loaf of bread for any hungry passerby, and putsit on the windowsill for any poor person to take it. Every day, a poor hunchback man passes by and picks up the loaf. However, instead of showing his gratitude to thisfamily, he ...

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