What Goes Around Comes Around!

Once there was a woman whoused to make bread for her family every day.She used to make an extra loaf of bread for any hungry passerby, and putsit on the windowsill for any poor person to take it. Every day, a poor hunchback man passes by and picks up the loaf. However, instead of showing his gratitude to thisfamily, he used to mutter: “what goes around comes around!”

Every day, the hunchback passes through, takes the loaf of bread and mutters the same words. The woman started to feel distressed about the man for not showing histhankfulness towards thefavor that she does. She started talking to herself: “Every day this hunchback repeats his mysterious sentence and leaves, I wonder what he means?” One day she intended to do something and decided: “I’ll get rid of this hunchback!” She added some poison to the loaf of bread she had made for him and was about to put it on the window, but her hands began to tremble, “What am I doing?” she said.She immediately threw the loaf in the fireplace, then made another one and put it on the window.

As usual, the hunchback came and took the loaf of bread muttering “what goes around comes around” and went in his way. Every day while making the bread,the woman used to pray for her son who had been away for a long time trying to build his future. For many years she had never receive any news about his whereabouts,she was constantly praying for him to return safe.

In the evening of that day, the dayshe got rid of the poisoned loaf of bread, someone knocked on the door, and when she opened,shesurprisingly found thatit was her son!! He was weary and pale, with his clothes almost torn, he was hungry and burdened and once he saw his mother he said:

“It is a miracle that I am here.A few miles away I was exhaustedand fatigued, and I was about to collapse on the road. I almost would have died without the help of a hunchbackman who passed by,I begged him to give me any food he had. The man was good to the extent that he gave me a whole loaf of bread to eat! And while giving it to me he said that this is his every day food and today he will give it all to me because I need it much greater than him”.

As soon as the mother heard these words, she leaned on the door remembering the poisoned loaf of bread she made this morning. If she did not get rid of it, her son would have eaten it! That moment, she realized the true meaning of the words of the hunchback “what goes around comes around”: The evil you do stays with you, and the good that you offer comes back to you.



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