Ibn Taymiyyah and the Sykes-Picot agreement(2)

Written by: Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi

The Arabs in general and the Syrians in particular are still deeply affected by the damage that this agreement has done to the Arabs and the Syrians. The Levant has been weakened by this division and has become helpless against its enemies and oh how many are they!

The enemies had become able to open gaps and recruit agents from the inside, and overcoming the people of the Fertile Crescent had been no longer difficult, besides, the policy of selling land from Arab owners to the Jews has been adopted since the beginning of the last century, one huge example of such policy is when the Sarsaq family- owner of Marj Ibn Amer- had sold its land to the Jews, and this is only a tiny example of the selling there.

All the lands had been sold piece after piece till the selling process reached Al-Aqsa  mosque under the deal of the century. From the opposite side, which represents the thought of Ibn Taymiyyah, and after the defeat of 67 by the American-British-French aggression, Israel was the head of its war and was a terrible defeat for Arab nationalist thought.

This is the most important result of the aggressors, the most important result, because they feared the growing Arab nationalist thought, Especially in the Levant origin of this thought from the nineteenth century when the national poetry appeared, The reaction of the Ottoman Empire was very strong, it issued a series of “Islamic” resolutions in which it called for all prayers to be prayed in mosques and ordered men to release their beards, and exempted who do so from the service of the military service.

Thus the number of those who grew their beards and went to the mosques has grown much bigger in compliance to the orders of Sultan not the orders of the Prophet and to be exempted from the military service , and in many cases these men were even paid salaries. This new situation alienated the national feeling because the national feeling was always uniting the

Arabs and making them a one melting pot that is constantly growing stronger by having common elements that reminded them of their Arab conquests which they fought as Arabs and not as Muslims, their Islamic-Christians bloods used to mingle in the battlefields like in Al-Jesr battle during their conquest of Persia.

The Zionists and those who stood with them realized that they cannot keep Palestine or other Arab countries except by eliminating the national ideology where there is no rivalry and no difference between the Arabs as long as this ideology exists. Their focus was strong on defeating nationalism, spreading Islamic thought, adopting religious parties, and reviving doctrinal disagreements among Muslims. They did not find a religious school to satisfy these desires and develop differences between the Arabs, such as the Ibn Taymiyyah school, which teaches the infidelity of Muslims all over the world.

The book of Tawheed, for example, written by the Wahhabi sheikh “Saleh al-Fawzan” is taught in (360) thousand Saudi schools inside and outside the Kingdom and it infidels Muslims in general and on top of them Sunnis (Ashaira)! So the focus was on overcoming the Arabs in the war of 67.

After their defeat, the most important step began by spreading the Islamic Takfiri thought among the Arabs, in the center of this focus was the philosophy of Ibn Taymiyyah with all what it carries from killing and making Muslims infidel unless they follow the ideology he created and named the theory of unification! Including the ideas of Ibn Abdul Wahhab, which says: (all under these skies are dishonest polytheist, and who kills a polytheist enter Paradise).

If we recall what the Ottomans did in the Levant of serious attempts to eliminate the national ideology and establish religious bases as we mentioned, and what the Wahhabi thought did, we can understand what Israel did after its victory in 1967.

After the victory of Israel, the most important  Islamic books were printed and the countries of aggression were the ones to pay the expenses of printing them and distributed them at the cheapest  price, then they  began to encourage Islamic thought everywhere and on every level; till they convinced people that the theory of Arab nationalism proved to fail! And that we have nothing now but Islam.

This was not enough for them, they started to build mosques and religious schools and increase the establishment of religious parties. Their biggest achievement was the establishment of al-Qaeda, the origin seed that gave birth to ISIS and al-Nusra Front…

To be continued…

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