Daily Archives: Wednesday September 26th, 2018

The Syrian war materializes Assad’s Five Seas vision

By Mahran Nizar Ghatrouf As the Syrian war broke out in mid March 2011, a plethora of new paradigms and terminologies began to surface. A lot of changes impactingalmost everything both in the theatre of conflict in the Middle East and on the international landscape have since taken place. Such changes had to do with a lot of things, including ...

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A Syrian-made plane on display at Damascus International Fair

Visitors of the Syrian pavilion at Damascus International Fair would have something interesting to see.  On the small green lawn leading to the pavilion, a light plane featuring the national Syrian Arab Republic flag is perching. What is so special about this small plane? Sahab 73 (the name given to the plane) is totally Syrian-made. This is indeed an extra-ordinary ...

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