Surreal Arabs outdo Salvador Dali’s works

By Naram Sargon

Contemplating the Arab scene and the Palestinian one, in particular, one would get the sense he is viewing one of Salvador Dali’s Surreal paintings.

In Dali’s works, the dimensions are unusually exotic and the lines look somehow illogical. The portraits get entangled. The faces are depicted without eyes, as the eyes are to be found on the hands. You would see a knife cutting a stone or a table fork supporting a ceiling. They look like being paintings of the absurd, but a deep insight into these works would show the subtle meaning embedded within. They convey right to the point messages and clear-cut meanings. Philosophy portrayed by means of the brush and the colors is a mere thin veneer slightly hiding a truth that eyes can not easily see.

The painting drawn by people and politicians in the East is too freak for even someone as Dali to get close to.

When we hear about the way with which Americans humiliate Palestinians by depriving them of the crumb they used to throw to the UNRWA, we immediately remember  the tremendous amounts of  money the Gulf, whose people and governments are still under foreign occupation, have generously thrown to Syrian and international terrorists to motivate them fight till the last breath to kill the Syrian people. We all remember the unforgettable figure of  US Dollars 137 Billion admittedly spent on the terrorists. This was made public by Qatar’s “Homer” Hamad binJassem bin Jabor al Thani  in his  famous televised talk regretting that the “game/prey” they have been “hunting” has escaped them. This admission implicitly means that the amounts of money spent on this “hunting mission” would have been enough to fund the UNRWA for 50 years without the need to beg from the US and Israel. Let us also remember how much money were given to ZahranAlloush (the former header of Jaish al-Islam) alone. One can easily remember how he has been engaged in a heated debate with rival terrorist leaders of Ghouta over sacks full of dollars  they used to get from Saudi Arabia and from  “generous” Al Saud donors. These  huge amounts of money used to be funneled to him and to other terrorist leaders  through the  Douma network of tunnels. In each one of these sacks, there used to havebeen  more money than the entire  budget of the UNRWA. Curiously enough, not one single Saudi dollar  has been funneled to the Palestinians through Gaza tunnels. Yet, Saudi Arabia has many Palestinian loyalists  both in Gaza and the West Bank !!!

I do remember the figure of US dollars 900 million, which remained from the amounts of money received by ZahranAlloush and his terrorist army. His successor Al-Buweidhaninegotiated so hard and so long to get this amount of money out on board the green busses leaving Douma together with the terrorists that rejected the reconciliation settlement. These amounts of money are so indicative. They show that ZahranAlloush alone means for Saudi Arabia  more  than the entire Palestinian people, although he was a mere criminal, the mission of whom was to shell civilians in Damascus. His mortars were apparently taking revenge for Israel from Damascus. Why? Because Hassan Nasrullah had bloodied Israel’s nose with own weapons or with Syrian-made missiles  some of which found their way through the tunnels of Gaza.

The surreal Arab picturesque is much more panoramic. It is not restricted to the scandalous  UNRWA scene still shaming us. Regrettably enough, the entire popular Arab mentality is bordering surrealism. For no obvious reason, they hate people who have never invaded their countries, fought them nor stolen their lands. They can be easily lured into a cultural and media warfare that is not theirs.

Arabs, for instance have fiercely fought communism on behalf of the United States. They joined the US in its fight in Afghanistan, although communists, back then, were largely supporting their cause and supporting their struggle against the West, which has colonialized their countries, is still colonializing them and will continue to do so.

Arabs fought against Iran. They are still fighting Iran and will continue to fight it, in spite of the fact that Iran is the only regional power standing on their side in their struggle with the West and Israel. Arabs, both governments and peoples, have poured all their potentials in support of the war on Syria, although Syria is the only country left for them to withstand the tyranny of the West, following the exit of Egypt, Iraq and Libya. Today’s Arabs, who have been  battering us with their century-long rhetoric about the “corrupt kings” and the need to establish justice and who have inscribed their words about “freedom” with gold water, have failed to match words with deeds. When put to test for the first time, they immediately rushed to kiss the shoes of Emirs and princes. They sought their favors and proclaimed allegiance to money, gold and oil. And instead of writing their epics about freedom with gold, they chose to write with camel urine!!!

These Arabs, who look like Salvador Dali’s works,  would preach you about colonialism and the curse of colonialism. But they do look for someone to colonialize them and occupy their lands. Iraqi opposition had begged the Americans to invade their country. They helped the invaders in destroying their country, in decimating its social fabric and in plunging its religious school of thoughts into turmoil. Their behavior back then has brought them the  blame of all Arabs and Muslims. But once the Americans re-floated a similar scenario for Libya, some Libyans rushed to hail them. Also hailed with them Arabs and Muslims. They chanted “Allahu Akbar” in praise for the US victory over the Libyan Tyrant !!

When Arabs realized that Libya was just another western ruse to trick them, they toed the line with a yet another Western luring into invading Syria and destroying her !! Instead of learning the lesson, Arabs rushed collectively to destroy Syria and her people !!

Even today, there are voices in Egypt pinning the blame on  Gamal Abdul Nasser for the July 23, 1952 revolution and for the nationalization of the Suez Canal.  Muslim Brotherhoods across the Arab world are still nostalgic to the Ottoman occupation. They keep praising it and keep trying to get it back. In Lebanon, some Lebanese fight against Hizbollah with all their might just to prevent it from fighting Israel. They spare no effort to destroy Hizbollah.

When I look at Salvador Dali’s works I feel with hundred percent certainty and with no doubt at all that he was creatively portraying with a genial fore-sight, intuition and sixth sense a deformed character, the right hand of whom was fighting its left hand. Its right eye abhors the left one and its heart stabs own lung. Its brain competes with the intestines in grinding food and its memory is stored in stomach.

Throughout the so-called “Arab Spring”, we have been a resemblance of the characters drawn by Dali in his paintings.

Yet, we are the world’s most stunning masterpiece of surrealism.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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