Daily Archives: Saturday September 29th, 2018

Ibn Taymiyyah and the Sykes-Picot agreement (3)

Written by: Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi We have already said that this agreement divided the Levant to several countries and established several systems in it and tried and still trying to stir up sedition and soft wars among the people of one nation by dividing them and stealing Palestine from the Levant and handing it over to the Zionists then leaving ...

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A Rare Tree Produces Liquid Heavy Metals

Australian Researchers have begun studying a rare species of trees which produces heavy metals in the form of liquids, such as zinc and nickel. They can be used as a real alternative to the subsoil natural resources. Scientists at the University of Queensland focus on studying the environmental miracle closely through which the trees of “Pycnandra cuminata” can produce and ...

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