Ibn Taymiyyah and the Sykes-Picot agreement (3)

Written by: Dr. Ali Al-Shoaibi

We have already said that this agreement divided the Levant to several countries and established several systems in it and tried and still trying to stir up sedition and soft wars among the people of one nation by dividing them and stealing Palestine from the Levant and handing it over to the Zionists then leaving it sick and ill.

Syria, which is the heart of the Levant, is trying to preserve the sovereign decision and succeeded in doing this from the days of the founding president Hafez al-Assad to the days of his son, Bashar al-Assad, but these aggressive powers didn’t stand still and sought with all its power to declare War world 3 on it using on the fire lines all those who have fell in the trap of the bloody culture of Ibn Taymiyyah.

This culture was represented by ISIS’s and al-Nusra front’s acts from killing, destroying, cutting off the heads and shedding blood and harnessing the tolerant Islamic religion to carry out their goals through the books of Ibn Taymiyyah- which Israel and the Jewish synagogue were printing and distributing almost for free most of the time- and I was one of those who got these books and on top of it ” the book of Fatwa” by Ibn Taymiyyah.

When you read these books, you become dizzy and you tremble, not to mention that doubt in your faith sneaks to your heart, then you can’t help not thinking that your religion is not true and that true Islam is to be from the surviving(Naji) group that follows this sheikh and his companions, by this, Arabs and Muslims were divided into seventy-three groups.

Each group believes that it is the surviving one and that the other seventy-two are going to burn in hell. This idea is reflected in the Sykes-Picot agreement where the Zionist Jews on the land of Palestine are the surviving(Naji) camp, and all the other Arab countries must rust in hell, and the Zionists won’t be satisfied till there are seventy-two countries.

The founders of Islamic Zionism are ready to wage wars for many years until they reach seventy-two independent republics except from dependence on Israel and the American founders who were not born yet when Ibn Taymiyyah divided Arabs and Muslims into seventy-two groups; a good example of this division is Gaza o the hands of Hamas , and that is why they are angry about the solid Syrians! The people that doesn’t give up or quit calling for the Arabic unity , and believe only in tolerant Islam .and because of this, the grandsons of Ibn Taymiyyah and the grandsons of this agreement knew very well that they must form alliances against the honest patriots and the honest believers, and this is what made the alliances multiply fast, as there is the American, the Saudi, and the Turkish, all united together to destroy any form of unity of resistance.

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