A Rare Tree Produces Liquid Heavy Metals

Australian Researchers have begun studying a rare species of trees which produces heavy metals in the form of liquids, such as zinc and nickel.

They can be used as a real alternative to the subsoil natural resources. Scientists at the University of Queensland focus on studying the environmental miracle closely through which the trees of “Pycnandra cuminata” can produce and store toxic metals in their trunks, roots and seeds.

The released metallic liquid appears to be green and blue simultaneously,while it contains 25% of nickel.

This species of towering trees grows in particular on the island of New Caledonia in the South Pacific Ocean, and scientist think it may produce metals to defend itself against insects.

They point to serious difficulties while studying this tree on a large scalebecause it takes decades to grow and produce metalsin abundance; moreover,deforestation and wildfire threaten its existence. This tree was first discovered in 1970; however, modern technologies make examining the causes of this phenomenon more accurate and efficient in comparison withprevious ones.

  • Source: BBC NEWS



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