The Worst Days for Trump… Will He Leave?!

According to Well-knownUS media, including the “Associated Press” and “CNN”, the recent developments complicate the position of US President in the White House, who isvery close to be removed from office, and he is living his worst days in the presidency of America.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation(BBC),”Following the recent judicial developments in the case of Paul Manafort,President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman in the US presidential election of 2016, and”Michael Cohen”,Trump’s former lawyer, who agreed with the Public Prosecution of the Southern District of” New York” to admitcommitting eight financial crimes and to acknowledge that he has discussed or paid money to two ladies claiming to have a relationship with Trump.Previously, Jeffrey Toobin,the US political analyst, admitted that for many years, officials who are close to the president have acknowledged, for the first time, that they have committed financial crimes in election campaigns. “Trump is the first beneficiary of what Cohen has done” he added.

This makes the confessions made by the latter complicate the situation of the White House. He wondered: “How did Cohen get the money he paid to the two ladies, and how could he do it on his own?”

As anopinion poll conducted in America a while ago and published in international news sites, including the agency “Agence France Presse”,showed that the majority of the Americans consider that “Trump” is not eligible for presidency, and showed that a bulk of Americans are ashamed of him being their president. Furthermore, according to the poll conducted by the Quinnipiac Institute: 56% of respondents said that Trump was not eligible for presidency, compared to 42% who considered him to be eligible for that position.

The rate of satisfaction with the president’s performance was 36%, while 51% of Americans were ashamed because Trump is their president, in comparison with only 27% who said that they are proud of him as their president.  “There is no positive side in the poll,” said Tim Malion, Assistant Director of the Institute.”With the satisfaction with Trump’s performance at 30 to 40 percent, and with doubts about his character and ability to judge things, he has to face the harsh truth that most Americans simply think that he is not worthy of taking the most important position in the country.” he concluded.

Source: “nokianewsnetwork.blogspot”



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