Daily Archives: Tuesday October 2nd, 2018

The Syrian Growing Victory and the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapon

The real enemies of the Americans, British and French are seeking the continuity of the global war against Syria, which, after eight years of war, emerged as a superpower achieving more victories. They are observing, through their intelligence agencies in the Arab countries, that the Syrian leader and the Syrian army smashed the theory of subordination, and that their people ...

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Assassinations’ policy: despair and frustration or a new direction ?!

“The Guardian” assured that the United States has never abandoned the strategy of (assassinations), on the contrary; it has developed new names and vocabulary ranging from assassinations to targeted killings, through air raids against the heads of (states and movements) to Drones’ attacks (May 2017). The newspaper added that the American assassination laboratories have made “very advanced progress in their ...

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