Assassinations’ policy: despair and frustration or a new direction ?!

“The Guardian” assured that the United States has never abandoned the strategy of (assassinations), on the contrary; it has developed new names and vocabulary ranging from assassinations to targeted killings, through air raids against the heads of (states and movements) to Drones’ attacks (May 2017).

The newspaper added that the American assassination laboratories have made “very advanced progress in their techniques … to include cyberspace and cyber attacks, reinforced by a secret CIA document published by WikiLeaks indicating that the CIA has added a new method of penetrating the steering wheels of vehicles, which gives it the ability to fabricate a remote vehicle accident of the targeted person.

With regard to the “policy of assassinations,” although Washington favors it among other options to meet its interests in the region, the nerve of political decision makers is aware of the dangers of Washington going to implement a high-level assassination in Syria.

The fears of the political decision- makers was expressed on the tongue of a military expert  who said:  ” assassinations of this kind will lead to a major war that threatens the unity of Syrian territory. The resulting chaos may spread to neighboring countries… It may also strengthen the alliance between Russia and Iran.” . Given the “fear” of the officials of the repercussions of the assassination, we can say that what was quoted on the tongue of President “Trump”, does not exceed to be a moment of anger and frustration that does not reflect a new direction for the United States.

  • Source: almayadeen



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