The Syrian Growing Victory and the Alleged Use of Chemical Weapon

The real enemies of the Americans, British and French are seeking the continuity of the global war against Syria, which, after eight years of war, emerged as a superpower achieving more victories.

They are observing, through their intelligence agencies in the Arab countries, that the Syrian leader and the Syrian army smashed the theory of subordination, and that their people once rebel against the rulers, putting the Syrian leadership on a pedestal, they will be liberated from the subordination to imperialism nation after nation.

This is what the countries of aggression are afraid of, that the Syrian leadership to be an exemplar, especially as it has been engaged in a war with the main power and its proxy for eight years achieving a growing victory.

They believe that this victory will be the most controversial and talked among the elite of Arab youths and the youths of the third world; that Syria’s sacrifices and steadfastness have brought it forth from the Third World degree to the First World degree under certain standards that will soon emerge and evolve.

History will record to what the invasion was turned by the Alexander of the contemporary time “Bashar Al-Assad”.

This is the main factor that has brought together the tripartite aggression against Syria once again; the fear that Syria will be the destination for world’s free people.

They have nothing but to forge the case of using chemical weapons, the thing they have already tried while being supported by those they have manufactured, those of black religion and black conscience, the traitors of religion, homeland and the people; the cause of the traitors in its most important aspects and essences.

This will not be the most difficult issue facing the leadership and the army in Syria, and the growing victory will not fall back in Idlib after the rising its banners all over the Syrian land.

The army today is at the top cohesion with its leader and people, and at the top understanding of what is going on. It is necessary to prepare for all that is going to be done by the tripartite aggression.

We must support our army and commander to go into a valiant battle in Idlib, in order to achieve more and more victories.

Everything must be considered to resolve the war against Syria by a power that blows up the stream of peace for which our people have always been waiting.

By: Dr. Ali Al-Shuaybi on the banks of Barada.


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