We are all longing for a special Syrian mix…

There is no people on earth who does not love peace, does not love security and safety; except the Zionist and cowboys! If we look for the reason, we discover that these killers their existence vanish and end with peace!

They are a whole nation that lives on sucking the blood of other peoples, thus; they always start the fire of wars while not taking consideration these wars’ ugliness and monstrosity and what these wars leave behind from aftermath, calamities, disasters, blood and tears. And here is Syria a living example of paying the price of peace and safety.

We can add to  the Zionists and cowboys the countries that have lived on colonizing other peoples and looting their goods.

But more important than these and those are the Takfiris who were raised by the intelligence of those countries.

Now let us assess our dealings with all that we have mentioned, the way that the Syrian state deals with all that in the politics and security manners!

Whether some like it or not; I think the more dangerous than all of the mentioned is the religious curricula that we teach since fifty years ..!

This is a fact that the unjust war proved its great negative effects on us and that it was behind the manufacture of these terrorist ideologies that that the least it did was embracing international terrorists before the Syrian terrorists!

Yes, it is a fact and this is what doubled the tax paid by our army by the blood of our martyrs .and all these books, speeches, lessons, uniforms, media, schools, streets and minds, all are still able to produce more mold and rot of brains !!

For the sake of the true and complete victory, for the sake of our children, of our Syria, to build the great Syria, in order to dry the tears of our martyrs and to create a new Syrian human being..we must change everything in books, speeches and all that we have aforementioned, aren’t we in the middle of reconstruction war?! Doesn’t the new Syrian man have the priority to be re manufactured?

How can this human be new if the substance of its making remains the same one that made him embrace all this terrorism?

There must be a new mix for the manufacture of a post-war human being, a mix that must make the Syrians a single body with all their ethnicities , sects, backgrounds, and with all their presence on the homeland; a homeland that drunk blood way more than it can takes, a homeland that protected its son and secured victory for him..

The next stage needs a unique Syrian unity made by a unique mix.

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi


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