The consequences of Israel dropping the Russian plane

There is no doubt that the repercussions of the Syrian crisis have passed the complex files of the Middle East, into international files.

The Russian political and military presence in the Syrian field as a global power, made Moscow stand in the face of the unipolar America that is no longer alone up there.Tel Aviv is directly involved in the war against Syria, and its interests are the first in any solution taken by Washington, while Turkey comes second and then the Gulf States.

The interests of the Syrian people and the “humanitarian” lie are for the media trade and for deceiving the herd only. Is Israel’s dropping of the Russian aircraft a curse or a blessing? It is in Russia’s interest to end the war as soon as possible to address other issues inside and outside Syria, both in the Middle East and in the world. On the other hand, the end of the war in Syria is not in the interest of Washington and Tel Aviv and their followers.

Here comes the downing of the Russian plane as an organized act.

Since Washington avoids any military friction with Moscow, there is no better actor to do this job than the spoiled child of the world, and it’s not possible that Israel did this serious act of aggression without the consultant of the United States and its coverage.

Moscow absorbed the process, and its response was somewhat “Soviet”, and the decisions that were made; were a curse on Israel and not a blessing. How?

Moscow absorbed the shock and responded to the Zionist trick in a way that reversed the equation.

If the Russian steps to provide Syria with whatever necessary were completed as planned, this means to curb any Israeli or American aggression, and a strong message to NATO and its forces in the north of Syria and Tanf, which Moscow considers illegal and occupying forces, and a direct warning to the international coalition planes that flies freely in the Syrian airspace besides drawing red lines for this international collation, till they completely eliminate its presence by political ways that will be drawn by the military victories, and to deter the “routine” Zionist aggression.

If the steps were done completely; this means that the freedom of the NATO bases in Iraq, Jordan and Turkey at least, will be limited. and if followed by greater steps, it will create a large regional role for Syria which is in Moscow’s interest before Damascus.

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