A Tsunami hits “the Zionist entity”!!

The Zionist enemy was hysterically shocked and disappointment of the “Russian bear” after the Russian declaration of providing the Syrian Arab Army with the missile system(S-300).

Analyst of political affairs in the Israeli Channel 10, “Barak Rapid”,  pointed out that the statement of Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu about supplying Syria with sophisticated missile batteries against the S-300 aircraft is a dramatic negative development of ” Israel ” whether in military or politically terms.

Adding that the supply of missiles, in addition to other steps announced by the “Shoigu” such as the closure of air navigation, radar and air communication systems between aircrafts, .. will prove Shoigu’s previous statement, that “the situation has changed and this is not our fault”.

In his turn, “Alex Fishman,” a military analyst in (Yediot Ahronot) sees that the crisis between Russia and (Tel Aviv) led to the collapse of the dam, pointing out that the problem with Moscow is not military, but political, as the Russian – Israeli relations are a very important element In the strategy of the occupation entity in the Middle East, and when the Russians announce their disavowal of these relations, this greatly weakens it, and this gives Iran the green light to launch a large campaign to provide Hezbollah with accurate and sophisticated missiles.

While foreign affairs analyst in Channel 10 “Nadav Eyal,” said  that the only opportunity that “Netanyahu” still has in his try to heal the rift with Moscow ,is to work on recruiting US President “Trump”, pointing out that the Russian decision fired a shot of mercy on relations Between “Tel Aviv” and Moscow, and that “Trump” can give the Russians something somewhere to back away from their decision, pointing out that talk about Russians extracting Iranians from Syria has no meaning now, and stressing that the problem lies not only in “Putin “But  also in” Trump “himself, as the talk is about an unexpected American president in everything related to his relations with Russia.

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