How Did the Followers of Ibn Taymiyyah Exploit Religion in the War against Syria?


Religion is being diminished and deviated from the divine path that God has sent it down for.

Since the days of Ibn Taymiyyah, the intellectual product that he left behindhad a strong and effective contribution to the division of the nation, especially in the Levant.

The task of the cleric in general is a task of peace, love and familiarity that shows the main mission of religion based on peace and love, suppressing and distinguishing the fire of differences and letting people live in peace with each other.

However, the mentality of Ibn Taymiyyah was deviated from the principle mission of religion. He has always placed himself in the position of God, so he accused people of blasphemy and called upon killing them under the pretense that they were heathens.

He said this among other things and boldly dared God and his Messenger; thus, he didanact of terrorism with his excommunication.

Although he held frequent dialogues and debates with scholars of his time in Egypt and Syria, and retracted his ideas, wrote them down and signed them before dozens of scholars witnessing those facts.

However, because he was a fanatic who hated Arabs and sought to destroy them by spreading all kinds of differences and disagreements, which fueleddisputes among the members of the one community, even among the members of one family.

Moreover, he armed them with hatred and fatwas (religious opinions) to murder the closest relatives. This was what the followers of Ibn Taymiyyah of ISIS and Al-Nusra Front and others did. An ISIS boy slaughtered his father, mother, brother and sister, a scene repeated dozens of times in Raqqa and other places that they controlled. This was Ibn Taymiyyah’s ideology and his excommunication and exclusion-based cognitive approach.

The two American researchers”Francis Fukuyama” and “Samuel P. Huntington” found in the ideology of the followers of Ibn Taymiyyah a misrepresentation of Islam and presented it to the politicians as it is the Islam.

Based on which they founded the Salafist parties which provide among their doctrines the notion of killing the relative rather than the enemy!


By: Dr. Ali Al-Shuaybi on the banks of Barada.

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