Daily Archives: Sunday October 7th, 2018

Russian PlaneShot Down – Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The most important point revealed by the crisis of the Russian fighter planedowning and its consequences, is that the Syrian Leadership had made the sovereign decision to defend its land against the aggressor aircrafts violating the Syrian airspace.Which gives “credibility” to all the previous military statements that confirmedshooting downthe Israeli and American missiles; data that was met with ridicule and ...

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‘Nuclear Pasta’ Could Be Strongest Material in the Universe

Theoretical physics has generated many theories over the past century but new research into so-called ‘nuclear pasta’ – highly dense atomic material found in dead stars – shows the occurrence of an unprecedented development. Researchers at the Indiana University Bloomington who study incredibly dense objects like neutron stars, formed when dying stars explode, are now theorizing that the gravitational force ...

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