Russian PlaneShot Down – Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

The most important point revealed by the crisis of the Russian fighter planedowning and its consequences, is that the Syrian Leadership had made the sovereign decision to defend its land against the aggressor aircrafts violating the Syrian airspace.Which gives “credibility” to all the previous military statements that confirmedshooting downthe Israeli and American missiles; data that was met with ridicule and skepticism in many cases.

The writer “Abdel Bari Atwan”believes that Israeli arrogance, whether in dealing with Russia’s super-Power, or Syria and the alliance of resistance, will not go unpunished.SincePutin enjoys a high level of savvy and self-control, he will be able to make Israel pay a heavy price for insulting him by creating the circumstances that caused shooting the Russian reconnaissance plane down in the Syrian airspace.

Furthermore, the military maneuvers which Russiahastened to conduct off the Syrian coasts in the Mediterranean Sea imposing restriction on the region’s airspace and seaspace, are just the tip of the iceberg and a preliminary step to restrict the Israeli attacks on Syria.

The writer warns that the Syrian response to these provocative Israeli raids will not be limited to addressing them, but soon it will also retaliatebystriking deep intoIsrael. Enough is enough!

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