Those Who Trust in the Americans Are Fools

The decision made byJames Mattis, the United States Secretary of Defense, concerning the withdrawal of Patriot Air-Defense missilesystemsfrom two Gulf States (Kuwait and Bahrain) along with Jordan,   raised many questions, especially as the United States is beating the war drums against Iran.

Raialyoum newspaper reported thatThe Wall Street Journal; a newspaper close to the US administrationand the one that revealed this move, quotedsources in the Pentagon that four missile batteries will be withdrawn, including two based in Kuwait, one in Bahrain and one in Jordan.

The move aims at repositioning themin order to face any danger that may come from China and Russia.

Raialyoumrecalls that President “Trump” reminded the Gulf Statesthat they owe him for the favors bestowed on them by his country more than oncethat the USprovided them with free protection for decades which played the largest role in their survival, and that they must pay for this protection.Does this step come as a manifestation of the threats ofhalting the protection, or to further financial extortion?

If these batteries were actually intended for the protection of US forces, then withdrawing them could signal future plans to withdraw US forces from the Gulf as well.However, it is unreasonable to leave the Gulf unprotected, especiallywith the naval base in Bahrain,which the American Fifth Fleetuses as a permanent base.

This American move may have come to exert more pressure on the Gulf countries to buy more missiles and planes, not to protect their airspace, but to protect the US forces on their territory as a price for American protection. In addition,it is not unlikely that Washington is planningto abandon these allied nationstoo;as there are many similar American precedents in this regard.

The newspaperends the report by recalling what former President Hosni Mubarak said:” those who trust in the Americans are fools”.



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