The West has only more war lies to justify a potential attack on Syria

The US and British propaganda machine, including official spokespersons, media-people and think tanks, are in full swing trying to fabricate lies and alibis to  justify a potential wide-scale military assault against Syria under the pretext of  using non-existent banned  weapons, an article run by  Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Liberty has warned.

The article exposed several unfounded lies and debunked them.  The allegation that the number of children in the Syrian province of Idleb is much greater than that of the terrorists, for instance, is ostensibly a big lie contradicting the reality on the ground.

According to estimates, the number of terrorists in the province is put at about 100,000. While the number of  babies less than one year-old is estimated about 55,000. So, what is the point of fabricating such a lie?

Are  these lies being deliberately propagated to tell Syria: “Do not try to liberate an area full of terrorists, because you might  harm or put at risk the safety of so many children?”  If so, why have not we seen any similar concern for the children of Mosul or Raqqa. When the US-led Western Coalition levelled the cities of Mosul and Raqqa, reducing them to rubble, no one voiced concern for the safety of the children in these cities. Bodies of dead children are still being pulled out of the ruins till now.

Western circles claim that Syria has previously used chemical weapons and is now bracing to conduct a “yet another” such attack. This is totally untrue. Syria has surrendered her entire chemical weapons arsenal to the international community in 2013 under the supervision of the UN Chemical Weapons Prohibition Organization (CWPO). Moreover, the CWPO fact-find teams have not visited the sites of the  alleged attack in the areas still under the control of the terrorists. They based their reports on information provide by pro-terrorist NGOs, such as the terrorist “White Helmets” as well as some alleged “pieces of evidence” provided by anti-Syria intelligence apparatus.

If the West would carry through with their threats, the potentially forthcoming aggression against Syria would be meant to undermine Syria’s victory over terrorism.

Among other lies being promoted by the West to justify an act of aggression against Syria is the claim that any attempt to liberate Idleb would entail a sort of a “genocide”. We have already seen such a hysteria before. This is what they did every time the Syrian Army was about to liberate  a new area. This what has happened before the liberation of Aleppo, before the liberation of Eastern Ghouta and before the liberation of southern Syria. But these are big and largely exaggerated lies.

The Syrian Army has never been responsible for any massacre, not one single one. While the terrorists have committed so many horrible massacres.

Translated into English from an abridged item run by Syria Now News.



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