The Way of Suffering is The Way of Resurrection

By: Dr. Ahmad Alhaj Ali

At the climax of the defining and governing major events, the dimensions of the ongoing transformations unfold and form this ascending slope.

At the peak, a systematic state of foreseeing the future of the path and destiny of the great event begins.

Here, it seems possible to correct the past with all its missteps, raises, downsides and upsides and to look forward for what is about to come, or in a broader sense, the way it should be.

Thus, major transformations have their climax which is the dividing line between the facts and results that passed and the facts and results of the near or distant future.

The living nations have their way of this historical approach; they neither leave their past nor do they enter a future shrouded by darkness and the unknown.

Here, it seems that the state which the Syrian homeland is still going through is a result of the formations and applications of this constitutive view.

The journey of pain throughout the accumulated years of hardships must be remembered and kept in mind to be a motivation which insures that the hardships and calamities are not a nightmare threatening the living people, but they are a crystalized motivations despite their wounds because of the faith in the fact that what is about to come is better and that the rhythmof life this time will carry a new fuel to strengthen the principles, choose the best and build the requirements of the future on a crystalized, well-established and deeply rooted bases.

These ideas are not mere philosophical indicators, even if they carried this philosophical sense, but they are evaluation tasks that will draw lessons and morals and conclude all the human materials necessary to navigate under searchlights and through self-confidence, in line with the suggested steps and desired results.

I still believe that this ideology of scientific observation, humanitarian documentation, and logical analysis has been part of the characteristics of the Syrian homeland since old times and until the present moment.

This is what qualified Arab Syria to complete three historical stages; the first one is the cushioning of major shocks with a high degree of patience and a higher degree of search for ways to recover from the shock rather than surrendering to its effect.

The second stage is the ability to form fronts to rebel against shocks and begin to reorganize power and forces with a clear endeavor to get some respite and to work with an effective insight that upholds the major fundamentals of the homeland and recognizes the importance of re-assembling them again.

In the third stage, Arab Syria aptly accomplishes this part, leading the human energy from the phase of compilation to that of activation.

On the basis of this stage, the process of producing the counter-shock is carried out, which would put the aggressors and enemies in a state of passivity and setback to reach the point of defeating them.

The management of vision, insight and living interaction with the existing reality gives us this outlook in the credibility of the three aforementioned stages.

Many people, inside and outside the country, now reach the level of astonishment and amazement witnessing the development of fierce battles; however, a small proportion of people, who have awareness and historical experience firmly believe that suffering and pain are the way of forming the self in the middle of the raging storm.

They also represent the most comprehensive expression for the living people to get out of the tunnel to the fields of light, victory and self-resurrection on solid values and morals this time.

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