Sleep hours of the most famous geniuses and successful people

Everyone has his own special habits in life, but today we will take a peek on a small part of the lives of some geniuses and people who have achieved great success in their lives, and this part is related to the number of their sleep hours.

  • Thomas Edison :It is said that the American businessman and the famous inventor was not a friend of sleep where he considered sleep the enemy of success, so the number of his sleep hours was very little and did not exceed three hours a day, and sporadic in 6 periods, in each period he slept awhile.

  • Richard Branson: founder of the successful Virgin Group sleeps six hours a day; which is twice as long as Thomas Edison used to sleep. He gets up early in the morning and makes sure to wake up daily at 5:45 am to exercise and  have breakfast with the family.

  • Nikola Tesla: the genius Serbian American inventor, one of the reasons for the industrial renaissance ,whom some consider to be the best inventor of history; slept only two hours a day from 12 pm to 2 am and took a nap from time to time to recharge his battery as he used to say.

  • Leonardo da Vinci: The famous painter Leonardo da Vinci is no different from his predecessor, with only 20 minutes every four hours, a total of two hours a day.

  • Margaret Thatcher: The number of hours of sleep for this powerful woman who served as Prime Minister of Britain for 15 years is only four hours a day.

  • Sigmund Freud: This controversial neurologist, that used to carry out experiments using different types of drugs on his body in addition to his consumption of cocaine, that caused him to get cancer, slept only for six hours a day.

Now that you knew the sleep hours of these famous people, do you think their routine suits you?

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