Daily Archives: Thursday October 11th, 2018

Crystal, a most hazardous drug, might have been used to instigate “Color Revolutions”.

Methamphetamine is a chemical substance being used in various medicine drugs to activate the central neurological system. This  substance is commonly called “Crystal” because its granules look like the crystals of  snow or fine glass. Crystal is believed to be one of the most  hazardous drugs in the world to human health. One single dose is enough to turn  its ...

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The Hate Comedy… In the Tunnels of Hypocrite Media

If you think that the tunnels dug by terrorists under Syrian towns and cities were the only ones  constructed during these eventful years, then think again! The outlawed militants have lived in these tunnels for a pretty long time. They stayed inside these tunnels breathing  thick air, sustaining dim lights and dawdled in some cases for whole weeks not knowing ...

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