Crystal, a most hazardous drug, might have been used to instigate “Color Revolutions”.

Methamphetamine is a chemical substance being used in various medicine drugs to activate the central neurological system. This  substance is commonly called “Crystal” because its granules look like the crystals of  snow or fine glass.

Crystal is believed to be one of the most  hazardous drugs in the world to human health.

One single dose is enough to turn  its consumer into an addict. However, due to its cheap prices and the relatively easy way to manufacture manually, it made its way to the public on a wide-scale.

Crystal can be found  as “crystals” looking like glass fragments,   as a white powder,  or as  soluble tablets that might be diluted into a liquid form. When given as a white powder it might be sniffed, injected in blood veins, or inhaled. In the latter case, addicts would inhale the vapors rising from the substance while being burned. It might also be swallowed or be taken in the form of depositories. Crystal is most  hazardous when used by the military for military purposes. It has been synthesized by the Japanese Chemist Nagai Nagayoushi in 1893. It was introduced to Germany in 1921, when  a medicine pharma company began to produce it under the brand name of “Hero”, but restrictions on its purchase were soon enforced due to its hazardous effects on health. To purchase it, one should get a formal prescription.

In 1941, the US accused Nazis of  using it, claiming that troops were given some doses to boost their performance in the war. They even accused Hitler himself of being an addict.

What has transpired later on is that it was the US Army who have been serving it to their troops to boost their performance in the Vietnam war. US troops were reportedly served some doses of Crystal dissolved in the beverage served to them before the beginning of  battles. Then came the Gulf War and the Crystal story re-emerged again. According to some reports, the Gulf War Syndrome from which many US military veterans have suffered is blamed on their use of Crystal. But the issue was muted and no real investigation was conducted into this story.

Crystal might also be found as a sugar-coated candy or  might be dissolved in water. After adding some gaseous substances, flavors and/or some other ingredients, it might be served to the “rebellion crowds”. The solution would be sprayed or sprinkled randomly at the crowds of demonstrators  allegedly  to cool them a bit in summer time.

Have you noticed, for instance, how “protesters” were sprayed with “sprinkling” water on at least two known occasions:  In the Syrian city of Hama on July 22, 2011 and in Rabea protest in Cairo on August 2, 2013.  When inhaled in  low  doses, this substance stimulates a sense of  oppression, over agitation, hyper-activity and aggressiveness. That is how, “protestors” tended to sabotage each and every thing they might get their hands on.

In Syria, Crystal found its way into the country for the first time in 2005. Only few would use it. But since 2011, it .



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