The Hate Comedy… In the Tunnels of Hypocrite Media

If you think that the tunnels dug by terrorists under Syrian towns and cities were the only ones  constructed during these eventful years, then think again!

The outlawed militants have lived in these tunnels for a pretty long time. They stayed inside these tunnels breathing  thick air, sustaining dim lights and dawdled in some cases for whole weeks not knowing what is going on outsidenor around the world.

We have seen the testimony of a bus driver who has been ferrying some of them. He told the media that the militants were stunned to see Damascus still intact, still beautiful and not destroyed at all. They could not believe their eyes when they saw people moving around freely going about their daily lives normally and as usual.

The “revolutionaries” had been telling them all the time that Damascus has been destroyed and ruined and that the “revolutionaries” are banging at the gates of the People’s Palace.

They told them that the population have left the city and emigrated abroad. That is why, the evacuees were surprised to see the diversity and vividness of life in Damascus. Meanwhile, the militants with their long beards looked like pre-historic primitives.

They slept too long in these tunnels, where they received all of their information, orders, preaching and teachings from those who have been using and abusing them and telling them fable stories.

The only source of information these stray “opposition” individuals were getting their information from were the Gulf and/or Western media means not knowing that these media means were digging them dark (misinformation) tunnels to bury them within.

Few weeks ago, I met a group of those who have been living in the media tunnels. When I approached them with a friendly chat about the country and how important it is to reconcile, they astonishingly looked at me as if I were a mythical creature. And as if they have been memorizing their class lessons by heart, they recited to me the news bulletins of  al-Arabiya, al-Jazeerah and the Orient, asserting that the “revolution” will triumph. They have apparently been delusional and I felt as if I were talking to pre-historic anachronists.

When I bought up the issue with some of my friends, they drew my attention to the deliberate manufacture of false consciousness. This process works through the dissemination of a flood of non-stop false and/or fabricated news being streamlined day and night through a plethora of programs all of them conveying one message, namely hatred.  Newly, they came up with  comic programs that do not resemble any other comedy in the world. This invented genre is called “the Comedy of Hatred”. This form of comedy entertains the public with its funny presentations. But laughter is being stimulated through the use of abusive words that disregard, disrespect and insult the “others” who do not belong to the same group, community, or religious school of thought.

The really giant tunnel diggers are not to be found in the so-called “Syrian opposition” only. Those individuals are mere little students if compared with the master diggers of mass graves and huge tunnels. Giant corporate media empires of the West such as the CNN and the BCC do bury their audience in such huge tunnels and large mass graves of misinformation. The question is how to infiltrate these dark media tunnels to bring some light and truth to the people held hostage  there?

If we failed to bring these kidnapped people some glimpses of light, they would continue to be isolated from the reality and would look like Robinson Crusoe who landed on a remote  islandand lived in isolation of  the world, unaware of what is going on beyond the shores of this island. We have also to get through these labyrinth of dark tunnels to get the pre-historic “revolutionaries”  out of the dark into the light of reality. Those of them who willingly choose to remain in their self-opted dark tunnels, we can not do much to help them out. We can only say: May they meet their calm end in these dark graves they chose to dwell in.

Translated into English by Syrianfacts



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