A Man Sells Pieces of Land in Paradise

It is narrated that a charlatan came to a city and people gathered around him buying his strange goods. Day after day, his commodity became more popular. One day, a wise man visited the city and was surprised by the people’s reaction towards the charlatan, so he asked about the reason behind the gathering of crowds around him.

People told him that this man sells pieces of land in Paradise and grantstitle deeds, andthat those who bought thesedeeds would enter Paradise and settle the land they bought there after they die. The man wondered how to convince this huge number of people of the deceit of this man, and that those who bought his deeds havefell victims of his deception and trickery.

In the end, the sagacious man was guided to a genius solution. He asked the charlatan: “how much is the price of a piece of land in Paradise?”

The charlatan said that a piece of land costs 100 dinars. The wise man asked: “if I want to buy a piece of land in hell, will you sell me one?” The man was surprised and then said: “take it for free”. “No, I only want it for the price I pay you and I want you to give me a bond”, said the wise man. “I will give you a quarter of hell with 100 dinars; it is the price of one piece of land in Paradise.” the charlatan said.

 The wise man asked him: “If I want to buy it all?” The imposter said: “You have to give me 400 dinars”.The wise man paid 400 dinars to the imposter immediately and asked him to edit a bond in the presence of a large number of people.

After the completion of the bond,the wise man called out loud: O people I have bought the entirehell… I will not allow any of you to enter… It has become my propertyaccording to this bond. But you have only paradise and you have no other housing whether you bought it or not!

Then people dispersed because they ensured that they will not enter hell with the wise man having its bond of ownership.The charlatan realized that he was more stupid than those who believedhim !!



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