Mr. President

We are the Syrians who remained in the homeland and maintained our livelihood through the years of war, although many of us have had the chance to abandon the country and leave. Yes, we have decided to stay and endure the hardships of the war.

We refused to leave and continue to do so. We have willingly decided to stay and share with you the minutes of the war and its actual events as they were unfolding in every step along the way… day in, day out.

Mr. President, when we see you among the troops of our great Army and on all fronts, we get stronger and stronger.

We derive a great deal of resolve and determination when we see you humbly sitting on the ground with the troops of our Great Army, or when we see them rallying round you because you are one of them.

When they share with you their smiles and laughs, we get more certain that you are the triumphant leader and Commander and we chant: This is the true example of what the President, the son of the people, would look like. Only what God has written separates us from victory.

What God has written has already come true: We have achieved victory under your leadership, thanks to what you have already provided to the people and to the Army. You have cornered the rats in one single corner. This mastership has stunned the world.

They could not believe what a military mastership and what a political wisdom you do enjoy.

Allow me, Mr. President to ask: Do not you see how the enemies of the homeland are trying to manipulate the “Syrian refugees’ card”? You surely see and you surely know about it. It is you who know and see very well.

And your people, whom you have led to this yet to be declared victory, are observing your steps along this issue.

The manipulators would see how their political cards would crumble and fall down just as the military pillars they petted all over the Syrian geography did. And just as you have courageously managed to pull out and crush these inserted “pillars”, the manipulative cards would meet the same fate.

Mr. President, what you have done and what you have provided to your people has hardly had any match in the history, both old and modern.

No country subjected to a quarter of what our beloved Syria has endured would have managed to survive. Any country, other than Syria, would have crumbled under the ferocity of such a vicious and most ferocious onslaught.

Thanks to your dedication, resolve and wisdom, Syria was saved. And here we are: Both the people and the government under your constant directives enjoy the same resolve, strength and confidence in the forthcoming victory.

This faith is a major catalyst for victory. As we have seen and experienced the outcome of your military resolve, we are confident that we shall see and experience the outcome of your directives for a prosperous progress along the path of rebuilding and reconstruction.

Syria’s great renaissance is dawning and this process has already been on track and put into motion. Sir, you have not forgotten the sons and daughters of your people who have left the country for many different reasons. You have repeatedly called them to come back, and many of them would surely come back, in spite of all those who are trying to manipulate their plight. Moreover, you shall surely lead us along the path of victory.

Yes, almost all Syrians who lived with you the minutes of this war step by step and a victory after the other share in common a broad consensus that you would not leave your Syrian sons and daughters abandoned outside the homeland.

They firmly believe that the homeland you have led to victory would prosper and flourish again and would be a leading nation again. A nation led by President Bashar al-Assad would not be let down.

By Dr. Ali Al-Shoeibi while standing under the Assad’s Arch of Vicotry, chanting: We told you: Here is Damascus. Here is the Pride and Dignity of the Arabs.


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