The National Interest: Assad Has Won and America Must Go

“There is no justification for a clash between US and Russian forces on Syrian soil. all facts point  that Syria, led by President Bashar al-Assad, has won with its allies; Russia and Iran over America who has to withdraw from Syria,” said US researcher Gill Barndollar-Director of Middle East Studies at the Center for the National Interest- adding that America, which has only few papers in the Syrian file, is in a real trouble, pointing out that the contradictions of US policy in Syria remain obvious.

In an article on the National Interest, the researcher asks:what the United States can do in the Syrian file while being single and not having many papers that can bring about change?

He also wonders about the power that can change the government In Syria at a time when there are no pro-Western forces in the Idlib region, acknowledging that the vast majority of the gunmen of what he called “the opposition” belong to the Salafist or supporters of al-Qaeda …

The researcher believes that the promises of “Trump” in 2016 to end the military interventions of his country in the outside has achieved some success with North Korea, but has not In the Middle East .. On the other hand, “Iran has become the biggest concern of the US administration, and therefore more military interventions and chaos will result from this obsession with Tehran”.

Away from Trump’s “tweets”; Barndollar confirms that it is unlikely that Washington will intervene militarily to stop any attack on Idleb. Despite the agreement between Erdogan and Putin on Idlib, the possibility of a clash between their forces in Syria remains, and it is very likely that the Syrian army will enter the city by military action.

And the establishment of a demilitarized zone in the province of Idlib, is only to postpone the large-scale attack of the Syrian army and its allies on the last strongholds of the armed opposition …

  • Source: shaamtimes



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