Examples of Ibn Taymiyyah’s Hatred for Prophet Mohammed

Idiots may not believe that Ibn Taymiyyah hated Prophet Mohammed, peace be upon him. Yes, they may not believe, so we must use realism to uproot the demonic tree of Ibn Taymiyyah, from both Islam and Arabism.

Let us review some examples of this hatred. Is it true that the Prophet said that: “your Lord’s ability is equivalent to the throne, neither greater nor smaller, as claimed by Ibn Taymiyyah?

Or is it that Ibn Taymiyyah is telling lies about God seeking to distort the knowledge of the Prophet?

Is it true that the Prophet said in the teachings he left behind, that God’s Knowledge does not comprehend the infinitesimalthings, as claimed by Ibn Taymiyyah?

Is it true that our Prophet may lie, commit adultery, steal or backbite and do impermissible things for the pious, the prophets and the last messenger of God!! This is the view of Ibn Taymiyyah, when he says that Prophet Mohammed is not infallible!

If someone truly loves the Prophet, would they call for not visiting him, and even consider that the person who visits him commits a sin?

Is not this an antipathy towards the Prophet? Do you want him to stand in a solemn sermon on the pulpits of the Prophet, and say: “I hate you, Mohammed”?!!

This will not happen and will not be told by those who were raised by Jews, and inspired by the Jewish thought and approach.

Would those who love Prophet Mohammed, and the religion of the Prophet Mohammed, say: “The universe is old by nature, and is created with God at the same time”; thus, He made it self-obligated, not selectively activated. Exalted is He.

Would those who love the Prophet stop his religion and change its way from the religion of love to the religion of killing, abhorrence and animosity?

Would those who love the Prophet insult his companions and accuse them of falsehoods, starting with the four Orthodox caliphs?

Would those who love the Prophet deny his authentic Hadith (sayings), and empower a denounced and forged one?

Would those who love the Prophet be liars despising all scholars, and admiring themselves to the extent of excessive love of presiding over the Sheikhdom?

Would he who loves the Prophet deny his infallibility and attribute it to himself? Saying that the truth is what we say, and those who disagree with us should repent, and if they did not, they will be murdered.

Shall we stop or mention more of these examples, sayings and examples of his hatred of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)?

He lied for long until he convinced the public that he was infallible.

By: Dr. Ali Al-Shuaybi on the banks of Barada.


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