An electronic mind at the Syrian Presidential Palace

The French researcher Laurent Fabien wrote an article titled “An Electronic Mind in the Syrian Presidential Palace”.

The article, which included the latest developments in the Syrian arena, praised the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s foreign policy, describing it as the electronic political mind at the Syrian presidential palace.

Adding that President Assad has managed to attract a strong international ally , the Russian Federation, and made it defend Syria in international forums and use the veto more than five times against decisions that if were to be passed;Syria would have been under the mercy of theUS Marines, as happened in Iraq in 2003, but the difference is very big between the Iraqi and the Syrian politicians. It is worth mentioning that President Assad agreed on and accepted all efforts to resolve the situation in Syria through the approval of the reduced-tension areas.

At first everyone thought it was the beginning of division and an acceptance of the status quo , but later it became clear that all this was in the interest of Syria and its territorial integrity, and that it prevented the American military intervention beside, it led the way towards solution rather than escalation, it also led to the gathering of all armed fronts -that were estimated to be

more than 50 fronts- to a one front in Idlib that is well surrounded by the Syrian army, thus, giving the Syrian army preference.

As those who fight on one front can’t be but victorious, especially as the strike force is focused and effective.

“President Assad has won, the politicians of the European countries must realize this and must seek quick solutions with Damascus and Moscow,” Fabien concluded.

(La Raison , Laurent Fabien).



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