The thought of Assad lives in Putin’s mind: a golden night at Moscow

Over time, the Syrian diplomatic team proves its ability of stability and rigidity of its political positions in international forums in an unrivaled manner, and those who get acquainted with the Western press after the great achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and the diplomatic team; knows that a great deal has changed in the Western mentality towards the position of the Syrian leadership.

This can be reinforces by what President al-Assad said in his recent meeting with the Gulf press, which knocked the door of diplomacy under the cover of “press” for the first time.

observers saw the meeting as a gateway to the Arab-Syrian and  the Western-Syrian relations since the outbreak of the crisis in Syria.

in this regard,Russian military analyst, “V.Lukshov” says that President Bashar al-Assad has drawn up full plans for the crisis in Syria and knew the secrets from the beginning and provided many perceptions of the next stages, which emphasized the genius of this young leader that has a very patience strategic mind.

Which explains his insistence in the beginning on fighting the battle alone without the help of anyone and only with the strength of the Syrian Arab Army.

things were going very well till the conspiracy rooms on Syria were aware that President al-Assad revealed most of their plans ,which made them pump at once all their equipments and funds in the Syrian field with the participation of dozens of countries, that required a quick call of an old-new ally( the Russian Federation), which since its participation in the war was able –along with Syrian forces- to return the Syrian geography to the government legitimacy in Damascus.

Lukshov also said that the Syrian president Bashar al-Assad at the beginning of the crisis briefed President Putin on everything that had been prepared for Syria and how he managed to thwart most of these plans and blocked the biggest threat to the country after 2013.

Putin expressed great admiration for President al-Assad in terms of his holding on to his country’s land and his insistence on defend it till the end, stressing that this is a martyrdom project for redemption and unity of Syria.

hence Putin offers Assad to help him in his war even if that meant having military confrontations ,saying to Assad: ” no need to ask for support, we are thinking about the same thing you are thinking of, we are targeted after Syria , and Syria’s safety is a matter of national security for us. And as Andropov said to your father I say to you; We will not allow your defeat … We repeat that we will never allow Syria to be defeated …”

  • Source: ” myadeennews”

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