Shall I announce it or not? I don’t know!

By: Dr. Ali al-Shoaibi

All the Syrians have their eyes on Idlib ;eagerly waiting for the hour of its liberation, but because it is the last area that our mighty army stands on its doors , it seems to have entered a special situation! A situation which shows that our political and military leadership was aware of since the decisions were taken to deport terrorists to it! And put the plan of liberating it by deportation to it! This is a reality that we see now and which is transmitted by international and regional news agencies which says that Idlib has became a human reservoir for two types of people, the vast majority of whom are the people of the province that terrorists have made them human dams and pretexts in their chemical attacks, and prevented them from going out to the areas of the army.

The other type is the terrorists with their many groups, and they have become an embarrassment to their supporters as they were neither able to implement their plans to divide Syria and defeat its army and by that the whole world agreed on getting rid of them, nor they can go back to the countries of their creators as they fear that they may spread their venom and destroy their communities.

Here, the observer believes that the American Euro-Zionist dog  had allowed the Turkish tail to move by exploiting the trilogy of Russia, Turkey, and Iran in the search for solutions instead of dissolving the Syrian army- the only one that can defeat terrorists- besides, Turkey pledged to withdraw all those whom it sponsored when it pledged to their makers to do so.

It seems that Turkey has divided the process into stages: the first; followers of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, waiting for the opportunity to deport them.

The second is the followers of Qatar and is now working to pull them out while pledging from under the table to Russia and Iran to do so, knowing very well that it will leave the rest for the Syrian Arab Army who will liberate Idlib and that is the reason why it asked Russia and Iran to hold the Syrian Arab Army from starting the battle even if for few weeks that it covers with by conferences and meetings.

And that is why the Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs is meeting with the foreign ministers of Europe, informing them that the Syrian Arab Army will liberate Idlib.

The decision had been made.. Where and how to get rid of those whom you created ! Help us ..!

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