Daily Archives: Saturday October 20th, 2018

Robert Ford Declares the Death of theUS Policy in Syria

The former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, who played a major role in the terrorist war against Syria, mourns the US policy in Syria anddescribes it as a failure. In a recently published article entitled “Syria 2020 will not beIraq 2005”, “Ford”insulted and criticizedthe US officials’ approach towards Syria considering it as a recipe to create problems. In order ...

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Identifying the Mysterious Features near Supermassive black Holes

Astronomers have long been perplexed by mysterious properties observed at the heart of many large galaxies. At the heart of the galaxy, there is a dense region known as active galactic nuclei (AGNs), where matter spirals into the supermassive black hole. These black holes, however, are surrounded by fast-moving gas that has been found to give off fewer emissions than ...

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