Robert Ford Declares the Death of theUS Policy in Syria

The former US ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, who played a major role in the terrorist war against Syria, mourns the US policy in Syria anddescribes it as a failure.

In a recently published article entitled “Syria 2020 will not beIraq 2005”, “Ford”insulted and criticizedthe US officials’ approach towards Syria considering it as a recipe to create problems.

In order not to be accused that weput words in Ford’s mouth, we should quote certain paragraphs of his article whichconfirm this conclusion. Ford says,“Senior US officials have recently said” referring to the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense and the US Special Envoy to Syria, “bringingthe concerned Syrian partiesto conduct certain amendment on the constitutionand then holding elections” would“result in a solution to the Syrian crisis”.

However, he questions, “What is exactly wrong with the Syrian Constitution?”Then he reviewsthe articles of the Constitution No. 33, 42, 44, 53 and Article VIII of the constitution, considering it as “one of the best articles of the world’s constitutions, and therefore he does not seeany problem in the Constitution, but while taunting the US officials he says:The US officials who believe that they can easilywithdraw and apply their own historical experience onthe countries of the world, despite the various cultural and historical differences, decided that.”

He attacked their suggestion to transfer the powers of the president to the prime minister,calling upon them to be modest…Such proposals don’t make a solution; rather they create problems as they rely on what the American official did in Iraq back in 2010.  “History has proved that this was one of the terrible political mistakes that led to the subsequent emergence ofISIS in Iraq and Syria”.

Ford has strongly criticized the US policy that depends on the US dominance of the eastern region to impose a decentralized State in Syria, saying: “Basically, Syria doesn’t have enough experience to apply a decentralized government. “

 In any case, Ford believes that Washington’s return to talk about a political solution and a new constitution is onlya political maneuver designated tohelp the Americansget rid of their predicament in Syria after the failure of their policy there.. He literally said: “TheUS officialsrealize that the constitution and elections will provide the US officials with the pretext to leave Syria and maintain certain degree of face-saving “. He added “a constitution of mere words without actions might be good enough for Washington which declares that it will not launch a war against Iran’s forces in Syria”.

(Hamidi Al Abdullah)

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