Daily Archives: Thursday October 25th, 2018

MideastIII is dawning, get ready to greet it

The Old Middle East was one of the peoples and populations of the land living on it under strict and rigorous rules. It used to have a certain definitive form and shape. In terms of shape, it has, for over 100 years now,  retained the designdrawn by the Sykes-Pico treaty. And in terms of essence, the old Middle East used ...

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The Birth of a Post-Western World

By : Thierry Meyssan Preparing for the UN General Assembly session, the United Nations Administration had been hoping for a clash between the pro- and the anti-Trump camps during the General Assembly. What actually happened was very different. The verbal clash between Trump and Macron was settled on the fourth day with the intervention of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei ...

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Ibn Taymiyyah, a Scoop with Allah!!

You might get surprised when you read about the image of Allah according to Ibn Taymiyyah, but you will get even more surprised when you find him talk extensively about its details, where the verse (there’s nothing like him) lose its sense and meaning. Allah, according to Ibn Taymmiyyah, is like a human being! Based on an Israeli Hadith which ...

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